Highland Dance

Massed Fling

The Massed Fling is a tradition at the Opening Ceremonies of Highland Games. Dancers of all ages, led by pipers, march onto the field to dance a Highland Fling. At Fergus, dancers enter the field through an Honour Guard of swords. The Honour Guard is comprised of Ontario, Canadian and World Champion Highland Dancers participating in Fergus Scottish Festival Championship. The Honour Guard is introduced to the crowd together with their achievements. Here some of our Primary, Beginner, Novice and Intermediate dancers have virtually come together for a Massed Fling.

Learn to Fling

Hanna Kelly provides instruction on the Highland Fling assisted by two younger dancers.

Give it a try!

Give Us a Place to Stand

Commissioned by the Highland Dancers’ Association of Ontario (“HDAO”) in lieu of the 2021 Ontario Closed Championship, Give Us a Place to Stand is a choreography performed by the seven 2019 Ontario Closed Champion dancers. It is choreographed by Lisa Breck who was the winner of the 2019 Teacher Award. The song ‘Give Us a Place to Stand’, was originally commissioned for the Ontario Pavilion at Expo 67 and is now an unofficial anthem for Ontario. The HDAO, Champions and Lisa Breck have generously shared the dance with us.

The Road to the Top

Highland Dancing is a competitive sport/art with dancers travelling all over the world to compete. In this series, we overview the structure of competitive Highland Dancing and interview dancers at all stages of the competitive spectrum. In Episode 1 Andrea McReynolds, President of the Highland Dancers’ Association of Ontario, and Jacqueline Smith, four-time World Champion, including the first Canadian to win the Adult World Championship at Cowal Highland Gathering, teacher and RSOBHD adjudicator explain the history behind the dances, the different competitive levels and how Highland Dancing has evolved. Our dancer interviews begin with Episode 2 and the Primary dancers (ages 4 to 6) and progress through Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Junior Premier and culminate in Episode 7 with World Champion Marielle Lesperance and her teacher Ellen Cameron. We encourage you to watch the series sequentially to get the most out of the series!

Episode 1 - Intro to Highland Dancing

Episode 2 - Primary

Episode 3 - Beginner

Episode 4 - Novice

Episode 5 - Intermediate

Episode 6 - Junior Premier

Episode 7 - World Champion

The Boys' Brigade

While now a sport dominated by females, Highland Dances were originally performed by men. The Highland Fling is a hunting dance depicting a stag in the woods; the Gillie Callum, or Sword Dance, is a war dance, danced over swords before battle; and the Seann Triubhas or Old Trousers, depicts the Scots shaking off the hated trousers after kilts were banned. We are thrilled to highlight some of our male dancers including Cole Leslie, 2019 and current Canadian Champion, performing the Seann Triubhas.

Thank you to the Highland Dancers' Association of Ontario!

Pipes & Drums
75th Anniversary

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