75th 2 GO

Sales start July 5th

Sales start July 5th

Frequenty Asked Questions

We can’t tell you everything because everyone loves a good surprise, however we can say that the Gala 2 Go box includes a wonderful selection of local and Scottish themed items.

You will find food items to complement your pre-event dinner including recipes for delicious tatties and some sauces and dressing to delight your taste buds.

Exclusive to ticket holders you will receive limited edition 75th Anniversary scotch glasses and some items to add a bit of fun to your night plus some post event nibbles.

The Gala 2 Go box is perfect for two!

We have a variety of local food items in the Gala 2 Go box including items that contain nuts and that are not gluten free. We are providing the basics for you to prepare a pre-event dinner where you are able to use your own protein choice and salad greens.

For specific dietary questions, please contact the office at info@fergusscottishfestival.com where we would be happy to address specific questions.

We are going to have a pick up location locally for ticket holders who live outside of Wellington County. Just fine tuning the details.

The value of the contents in your Gala 2 Go box is equivalent to the price you are paying for all these great items purchased locally plus a live whisky appreciation and an entertaining evening. The Gala 2 Go box will be delivered free of charge within Wellington County and you will also have a chance to win passes to the 2022 Fergus Scottish Festival.

Great question!  It was actually the 75th Anniversary of the Fergus Scottish Festival in 2020 but due to COVID, we were virtual.  Confident we would be able to gather in person, we decided to postpone this great milestone to  this year.  Well COVID got the best of us again.   We are a hearty bunch however and whether live or virtual, the 75th is worth celebrating…..hence 75th Anniversary 2.021!  In 2022, we will be back on track and will celebrate our 77th year (sorry 76).

This is not a fundraiser specifically. We are pleased to have purchased items from all local retailers and restaurants to help support our local economy. The value of the contents in your Gala box is equivalent to the price you are paying. Our desire is to join together as best we can to celebrate our 75th Anniversary.

We are pleased to provide 4 oz of scotch with your Gala 2 Go box – that will give two of you a nice tasting using the limited edition 75th Anniversary glasses you will receive.

Hosting a world class Scottish Festival is what we do best. However we had to make the very tough, heart breaking decision to cancel this year’s festival. For us this is the right decision because as much as we love the Festival, we value you – our guests, volunteers, competitors, performers, clans, sponsors, and community – more. You are our priority and we want to keep you safe and healthy so you can enjoy ‘Scotland without the Airfare’ for years to come.

The Fergus Scottish Festival is a 3 day Festival and Highland Games. A great deal of planning, time, energy, and resources go into its production. We are all disappointed that the live Festival is not a reality again in 2021 but we acknowledge that it would be irresponsible for us to move forward in these difficult post-COVID-19 times. As much as we would love to, we would not be able to produce our fully attended live event on short notice.

Additionally, and we can’t say it enough, the health and safety of everyone associated with the Festival is our number one priority. We look forward to coming together again in 2022 and encourage you to join us for the virtual event and other offerings that we have in store as restrictions allow.

YES! We have tartan masks for sale at www.fergusscottishfestival.com. Masks are $15 each. You can also purchase masks in person at the Fergus Scottish Corner Shop.

We also have our famous Fergus Scottish Festival water bottles. They are $10 each and will be available by contacting the office at info@fergusscottishfestival.com.

Pending availability we have a limited number of our 75th Anniversary scotch glasses available. Please enquire by contacting the office at info@fergusscottishfestival.com.

The 2022 Festival will be August 12 – 14th. Haste ye back.

Stay tuned to www.fergusscottishfestival.com and our social media sites for updates on ticket sales.

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