Official Host of the 2020 World Scottish Heavy Events Championships!

The World Scottish Heavy Events Championships is a celebrated highland games event. The championships were organized by David Webster, OBE of Scotland, who still conducts the World Championships. A roll of past competitors includes many of the World’s greatest strength athletes with Olympic finalists, World Record Holders, Commonwealth Games medal winners, Guinness Book of Record entrants, physique champions, continental and national title holders, World’s Strongest Men and International legends in various sports. The Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games is proud to host this prestigious event in 2020, in celebration of our 75th anniversary.

2020 Heavies School

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Heavies Competition Results

  • Caber Toss – Nathan Burchett
  • Top Canadian – Lorne Colthart
  • Professional Champion – Lorne Colthart
  • Masters Champion – Warren Trask 
  • Amateur Champion – Clinton Dochuk
  • Women’s Champion – Susie Lajoie
  • Regional Champion Male – Jesse Trask
  • Regional Champion Female – Lisa McLean
  • Caber Toss – Lorne Colthart
  • Top Canadian – Matthew Doherty
  • Professional Champion – Matthew Doherty
  • Masters Champion – Warren Trask
  • Amateur Champion – Jamie Trask
  • Women’s Champion – Sultana Frizell
  • Regional Champion Male – Jamie Trask
  • Master’s champion: Warren Trask 
  • Women’s champion: Susie Lavoie
  • Regional male athlete:  Jamie Trask
  • Regional female athlete:  Kaylie Bratton
  • Youth champion: Ethan Bratton
  • Champion youth female:  Kaylie Bratton 
  • Champion junior: Alex McAra
  • Professional Canadian champion: Matt Doherty
  • Professional champion: Chuck Kassen
  • Caber champion: Chuck Kassen
  • Amateur champion: Clinton Dochuk
  • Women’s Canadian Open Champion – Heather Boundy
  • Master’s Heavy Event Champion – Warren Trask
  • Regional Champion Male Athlete – Mike McIntyre
  • Regional Champion Female Athlete – Lisa McLean
  • Heavy Events Champion Youth 13-16 – Ethan Bratton
  • Champion Youth Female – Kaylie Bratton
  • Heavy Events Junior 17-19 – Jamie Trask
  • Top Canadian Competitor Heavy Events – Matthew Doherty
  • International and North American Event Champion – Matthew Doherty
  • Top Amateur Event Competitor – Matthew Fast
  • Caber Toss – Jeremu Gillingham