2019 Heritage Village

Immerse yourself in Scottish culture and craftsmanship.


The Fergus Scottish Festival is proud to host over 50 Clan Societies, who will help you understand the clan system and your clan in particular. If you are wearing highland dress, you are welcome to participate with your clan.

Our honoured chieftain this year, the Right Honourable Lord Lyon, looks forward to meeting with all the clan members.

Chief Stephen Edward Dugald MacTavish of Dunardry and his clan invite any individuals in highland dress whose clan is not represented at the festival to join them at their tent and in all festivities.

Under Tents

Visit the Clans Tents

Learn to play the bagpipes with the Pipers and Pipe Band Society of Ontario

Learn to speak Gaelic with The Gaelic Society of Toronto and Gillebride MacMillan

Seamus the Story Teller

Returning to the Fergus Scottish Festival this year is the storyteller Seamus Gunn. Actively involved in Scottish living history, Seamus is a Bard in the traditional style, sharing Scottish history, folk stories and fairy tales across southwestern Ontario.




Living History with Kyle McIntosh

Kyle is a Living Historian of Scottish descent.  Kyle’s meticulous research and passion for all things Scottish have given rise to a lifelong focus on the Jacobite Risings.  Come step back into time and see, touch and hear about the food, clothing and weapons of 1745 as Kyle brings the past to life in Heritage Village.


Genealogy and DNA Testing with the Ontario Genealogy Society

Weaving, Spinning, Bobbin Lace Making, Quilting – Live demonstrations and craftsmanship

Whisky Tasting

Tea Tent

Talk with Scottish Societies and Groups – Visit with the St Andrew’s Society of Toronto, the Gaelic Society, Guelph University Scottish Studies Group, Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada (CASSOC).

Outdoor Displays

Sheep Shearing

Tom Redpath, our sheep Shearer, will be on-site in Heritage Village shearing his sheep.

Below is the approximate times he will start shearing:

SATURDAY @ 10:30 am,   1:30 pm.  3:30 pm

SUNDAY   @ 10:30 am, 12:15 pm ,   3:30 pm

Belted Galloway Cattle

Come visit a rare Scottish cattle breed – the Belted Galloways – “Oreo” cows! Raised since the 1700s on the scrubland of Dumfries & Galloway, South West Scotland, this hardy breed survives harsh conditions with its double coat, medium sized frame and gentle nature.

With a well marbled meat it also tastes like traditional beef used to! At Skye Line Farms, Mulmur, ours are grass fed and finished – completely as nature intended!

Jacobite Encampment

The Soldiers of the ’45, historic re-enactors, portray a patrol camp of the Atholl Brigade, an important part of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s forces during the Jacobite Rising of 1745.

Within the encampment you’ll meet craftsmen and smiths, soldier’s wives and children, Highland gentry and common workers, Clan officers, foreign volunteers, storytellers and more, all gathered together to fight for the return of the House of Stuart to the thrones
of Britain.

‘For God, for Scotland and for King James!  HUZZAH!!!

Highland Cattle


Best Clan Trophy Winners from Previous Years

2018 Fraser

2017 Logan

2015 MacNeil