Friday Night “Tattoo’d in Tradition”


Clans at the Fergus Scottish Festival

A wonderful evening out in the open sky and beneath the stars.  The Friday night program has been a favourite of many visitors!

Honouring the tradition of the tattoo and providing a sneak peak of some of the events and attractions that you can experience all weekend long! Join emcee Gillebride MacMillan as he kicks off the festival weekend with a bang!

You will be able to see, hear and feel the majestic sound and wonder of massed pipe bands as they fill the field.

This year we are thrilled to feature the talents the Fergus Pipe Band! From the grace & elegance of Schehalian Dancers, the strength and power of the Heavy Events as they are accompanied by none other than ALBANNACH, the emotional display of the Gathering of the Clans,  the thrill of Scottish music by the Massed Bands, to the energy and fun of Tommy Leadbeater, the Friday night program is sure to offer our visitors an amazing program!

Stick around for an outstanding Fireworks display by the one and only David Whysall Fireworks… and just if you didn’t think that was enough for your admission, the icing on the cake brings you the world-renowned Red Hot Chilli Pipers!

Watch for our Featured Guest, Graham McTavish, who will be making a *surprise* appearance during the ceremonies!!!

After the close of the Friday night program, don’t run off  because the night is just getting started in the Highland Pub, where you will be entertained by Celtic Rock band Glengarry Bhoys!



What is a Tattoo?

In the seventeenth century, when British troops served in Holland, it was the custom for a drummer to march through the streets beating his drum to warm the troops that it was time to leave the taverns and return to their billets for the night. The Dutch innkeepers, at the sound of the drum would “doe den tap toe” or ” turn off the taps,” the local last call equivalent of “Last Call”.

In English, “tap toe” became “Tattoo” and, over the years, the drummer was accompanied by a bugle player or a piper. Such groups were the beginnings of the regimental band. What started as a practical daily routine in army life is today the military tattoo, a show featuring the lively rhythm of marching bands, elegant dances, the stirring cadence of the pipes and drums, and the breathtaking military displays. 

Our Tattoo’d in Tradition ceremony honours the traditions of Scotland’s past and celebrates Scottish culture in Canada. We are always excited to join together for the communal singing of our National Anthem, and to welcome our talented pipe and drum bands, as well as all of our honoured guests. Join us as we host the Gathering of the Clans and the Lightin’ of the Hearth on our Main Field; a stunning start to an incredible weekend together!