Traditional, acoustic, rock, folk, and a wee bit of punk, this year's musical lineup is as innovative and as diverse as the country that inspired it all.
Scotland without the airfare... a beautiful soundtrack for your summer.

Friday Evening

A magical evening that will awaken all of your senses.  The Friday night program is a great opportunity to see a sneak peak of events and activities that will take place over the Festival weekend, while honouring the great tradition of the tattoo.  


Tattoo'd In Tradition - Start at 7:00 pm

Proud to have our local Legions involved, along with the spirit of the cadets.  There is nothing better than the sound of massed bands beneath the big open sky, this year there will be 6 pipe bands performing.  We are thrilled to have the MacIntosh Pipe Band from Larkspur, California participating in this years tattoo.  Audiences of all ages will be delighted with the amazing performances from Schehalian Dancers, Heavy Events athletes, the sounds of ALBANNACH, Tommy Leadbeater, and David Leask.

As the tattoo comes to a close, there will be the lightening of the hearth a very emotional tradition honouring our clans.



As the tattoo comes to a close, there will be the most spectacular firework display put on by the renown, David Whysall Fireworks.

This firework display is truly  amazing!

Stick around for more fireworks after the Ashley MacIsaac concert!


Ashley MacIsaac - Start at 9:30

Ashley MacIsaac will cap Friday night off with a performance under the stars. With his most recent album, Fdler, he brings traditional Celtic fiddle music into the 21st century, adding a modern flair.

Ashley MacIsaac earned his chops at an early age, taught by some of the legendary greats of his native stomping ground, Cape Breton. He moved on to headline all over the island in halls, clubs, barns and kitchens. His breakthrough album, Hi How Are You, was released in the mid 90’s and the accolades and awards rolled in. With the touring, the interviews and the appearances the persona took shape and the legend took hold.

Saturday & Sunday

Clan Parade!- Fergus Scottish Festival

Welcoming Ceremonies

The 74th Opening of the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games kicks off at 12 noon on Saturday with  a Clan parade led by the Royal Canadian Legion Colour Party followed by approximately 50 Clans piped onto the field by bands from Fergus, Guelph and Lackspur, California.

Our featured guest and Honourary Games Chieftain this year is Dr. Joseph Morrow, Lord Lyons King of Arms, Scotland. Following on stage greetings from our Mayor, Kelly Linton and Games President, Stephen Cole, our Chieftain, Dr Morrow will officially open the Games. 

The Ceremonies close with the ever popular Massed Highland Fling at 12:30 and the Massed Bands at 12:45.


Celtic Concert

It only seems fitting for the Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games to host a traditional Kitchen Ceilidh, and no better venue than our very own Highland Pub.

Bringing together  all of the amazing musicians throughout the weekend -showcasing all of their individual talents, while weaving together a very spontaneous party.  Featuring:  Tommy Leadbeater, Gillebride MacMillan, David Leask, Kyle Charron, Ron Leadbeater, Bob MacLean.


Massed Bands


Massed Fling