General Information

General Festival Information

You can find a copy of the schedule here!

Keep in mind it is still early so check back often for exciting updates and information as we continue to make announcemnets about exciting happenings and engaging activities.

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That is very kind – thank you.  We will be honoured to accept your contribution.  Please note that we are unable to provide tax receipts but we will ensure your contribution goes to making the Festival that much better!  Please contact us at to complete the process.

The Festival is a primarily volunteer driven organization and we are thrilled  that you want to be part of that.  Please email the office at and they will talk to you about the options and get you all signed up!

Wonderful – thank you. You can fill out the sponsorship application at  Sponsor Application – Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games and our Sponsorship Chair will be in touch to discuss our great sponsorship opportunities.

We are thrilled to announce the Red Hot Chilli Pipers will be back in 2022! We are also please to announce our most Outland-ish Featured Guest, Duncan Lacroix, Murtagh from the famous Outlander series.

As always you can expect the same great events, thrilling competitions, educational components and entertainment that have made the Festival world class.

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The Registration Tent is located in the front parking lot. Camping Registration will be located at Gate #4. No exchanges or refunds. For hours, see our Gate Times.

No, the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games maintains a policy that does not permit any pets on the Festival grounds, excluding service dogs.This policy is enforced out of respect and safety for the animals. The Festival hosts over 35,000 visitors over the course of the weekend and the size of these crowds can prove a threat to safety of pets. Furthermore, the nature of some of the events held on the grounds requires due caution to prevent possible injury to the animals.

The Fergus Scottish Festival encourages visitors to the Festival to make prior arrangements to ensure proper care is given to their pets while attending the Festival. Please, do not leave pets unattended in parked cars, regardless as to whether a window may be open. 

Fergus Scottish Festival patrons using Festival campsites are permitted to keep their pets on their campsites only. The Festival asks that pet owners exercise the caution required to prevent possible injury to their pets and to other persons.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, you are invited to contact us.

With COVID precautions in place we are working remotely at this time.  The best way to contact the office directly is at and we will be happy to help you.

That is great that you are planning ahead…..we are so happy to hear it. The dates are as follows: August 11 – 13th, 2023; August 9 – 11th, 2024; and August 8 – 10th, 2025.


The Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games is committed to providing opportunities for persons with disability to participate in recreational activities with an attendant, without added financial burden.

Present your Access 2 or PAL Card along with a piece of ID (not required for cardholders who are minors) and your attendant will receive a free entry ticket.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, you are invited to contact us.