Camping at the Fergus Scottish Festival

Camping on the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games site, close to all the activities and events, ensures that you don’t miss a thing all weekend long! Please bring your receipt and confirmation to the camping registration volunteers when you arrive. Please note: all sales are final.

Camping at the Fergus Scottish Festival


Enjoy your stay all weekend long!





Camping Fee Schedule:

The price of campsites DOES NOT INCLUDE the price of ANY wristbands! All campers must purchase their wristbands separately. You will need to visit our Tickets page to purchase one weekend admission (wristband) for every on-site camper.


Final price includes:

  • Unserviced weekend campsite: $145
  • Serviced weekend campsite: $175
  • Parking on campsite for ONE vehicle (additional parking spots can be purchased at the time of check-in)

Camping Registration Tent Times

You will be directed to the Camping Registration tent located on site at the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex to pick up your camping registration package.

Campers may check-in at the Camping Registration Tent during the following periods:

  • Thursday from 12pm (noon) to 9pm
  • Friday 8am to 8pm
  • Saturday 8am to 12pm (noon)

Campsites will be held for those campers arriving late in the weekend, however no discounts or refunds will be offered.  No refund will be offered to campers who leave the Festival early. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges are available.

Campsite Rules and Regulations:

  • All campsites are on the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex grounds. Campers are required to respect and comply with the rules and regulations governing the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex and the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games.
  • Every person who is camping must have and wear a valid Festival wristband. Pipe Bands are required to purchase wristbands for whichever days they are not competing.
  • Every campsite will receive one camping area parking pass that allows parking for one vehicle per campsite (please note, motor homes and RV’s are considered vehicles). Only one vehicle per site, There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Campers can park additional vehicles in the designated overflow parking for campers at a cost of $10 per vehicle for the weekend.
  • Campers must camp on the site they have registered and paid for.
  • All campers must leave their campsite clean and free of garbage.
  • All campers must vacate the Festival grounds BY MONDAY, AUGUST 10th, 2020, AT 12pm (NOON).
  • Alcohol, vaping and the smoking of cannabis is permitted on your campsite only, and only for those aged 19 and older
  • Campfires are only permitted if there is no fire ban in effect. Only OFF GROUND campfires (i.e. elevated pits) are permitted on the Festival grounds.  Please bring your own pit or something to keep the fire above ground. Campers who do not comply with campfire requirements will be asked to leave the Festival and will not be issued a refund.
  • Firewood will be available for sale on Festival grounds. You are NOT permitted to bring your own firewood.
  • As a courtesy to other campers, quiet hours shall be from 1:00am to 7:00am with site policing. Please be aware that this is a family Festival, and we encourage respect for all attendees.
  • For safety reasons, two-wheeled motorised vehicles and bicycles are NOT permitted on the Festival grounds.
  • The Festival does not supply picnic tables for individual camp sites.
  • Pets are not allowed on the Festival site, excluding service dogs. Pets are permitted in the campsites only. For more information, please see the Festival’s Pets Policy on our General Information
  • While the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games has security on site throughout the weekend, neither the Fergus Scottish Festival nor the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex assume any responsibility for goods lost or stolen or for any damage to vehicles or equipment parked at this site.


Should you have any questions or concerns while camping at the Festival, please visit the Camping Registration Tent or Information Services.  Volunteers and ambassadors are readily available on the Festival grounds.

Campsite FAQs

All sites are approximately 20′ x 40′. Tree area sites may vary in size.

Water is available, though water hook-up is not guaranteed.  We suggest that you bring a bucket or a long garden hose, up to a maximum length of 100 feet, for potential water hook-up.

Limited electricity is available for some sites. Hook-up requires a 100 foot, 15 amp maximum extension cord.

No dump station is available.

Garbage disposal and garbage receptacles are available on site.

Shower and washroom facilities are available in the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex, Thursday through Monday – 6am to midnight.  Showers and toilet facilities are also available 24 hours a day in the camping area.

Camping area flush toilets are available 24 hours per day.

Ice will  not be available onsite. 

Bring a hammer if you are pitching a tent. The ground can be hard. Maybe a kilt?