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Experience the best parts of Scotland, all under one roof! This series of workshops and displays, available all day Saturday and Sunday in the Sports Complex arena, is meant to inspire, teach, and entertain those with or without Scottish heritage in an interactive setting.

Come on out and learn some Scottish Gaelic, get your picture taken with Claire and Jamie (green screen fun!), bring your voice for an interactive sing-a-long, and pack your ukulele. Yes, your ukulele! There are many workshops and displays to enjoy, and best of all, they’re included in the price of your Saturday, Sunday, or Weekend pass!

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Our 2016 Programs

Robin Aggus is an inspiring and innovative bagpipe historian and performer. Bagpipe music “is the connection that traditional folk music has with traditional cultures.” Robin’s workshops feature pipes from Europe and the British Isles, and his vast knowledge and excellent workshop techniques combine to create a memorable experience.

Workshop – Diaspora in Traditional Music

David Leask is an internationally celebrated, award-winning songwriter with Celtic, country, and rock roots. Originally from Jedburgh, Scotland, David embodies the diasporic bridge that exists between his native Scotland and adopted Canadian home.

Workshop – Diaspora: Bridge Through Music

One might not think ukulele and celtic music go together but anything is possible on a ukulele! Music educator Cynthia Kinnunen will lead you through a fun and engaging ukulele workshop learning to play celtic songs on your ukulele. Cynthia works at the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph by day and is an experienced music educator (piano and ukulele) who believes that everyone should enjoy and make music. Bring your own ukulele to the workshop or just sing along to some entertaining Celtic-style playing!

Workshop – Diaspora in Music

Gillebride Mac ‘ILLEMG Gillebrìde MacMillan is a poet, actor, Gaelic linguist, and musician from South Uist, Scotland. Gaelic is his first language, and Gaelic song and traditions continue to be part of his daily life. Gillebrìde stars as Gwyllyn the Bard in the Starz TV Outlander series, where he regales those in Castle Leoch with traditional Gaelic stories and songs and stories, and a song specially composed by Emmy award-winning American composer, Bear McCreary. Gilliebride’s first studio album, Thogainn Ort Fonn/I’d Sing You a Song, was released in 2005. Air Fòrladh/On Leave is Gillebrìde’s second CD, and he has also sung with ‘Na Seòid’ and on ‘Home to Argyll,’ a collection of the songs of Ethel McCallum. Diaspora – the Gaelic Tongue in Poetry and Song. Learn to sing a Gaelic tune!

End of Day Sing-along. In honor of John Allan Cameron, famous for his Celtic sound and ability to wow a crowd, join guest soloist Sarah Prescott, accompanied by Gillebrìde MacMillan and Carolyn Mcleod, as they perform a beautiful, original lullaby followed by some feet-stomping tunes by various artists. You never know who’s going to show up and join in, so make sure to stop by and sing along!

Workshop – Diaspora in Dance: the Communion of Voices in Song

All events, times and locations are subject to change.

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