Scottish Brunch with Featured Guest & Panel

Sunday August 12th, 10:00 am, Wellington County Museum and Archives, Aboyne Hall

Please join us for an authentic Scottish Brunch with Featured Guest Graham MacTavish, Celtic Musician Gillebride MacMillan, and author and publisher Doug Gibson. This is a separate, ticketed event held off-site of the Fergus Scottish Festival; you do not need to be a ticket holder for the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games to partake of this brunch and panel.

The event begins at 10:00am, at the Aboyne Hall, Wellington County Museum and Archives. Plenty of free parking is available on-site, there is no public transit from the Sportsplex.

The moderated panel will commence at approximately 10:45, while guests continue to enjoy brunch, and run for 30 min, followed by a question and answer opportunity for guests.

Brunch will include a buffet of hot and cold items, lighter and fuller fare, pastries and puddings, sweet and savory, salads & scones, accompanied by a variety of juices, coffee & assorted teas.

Mr. MacTavish will remain on-site until 12:30. Guests can get a personal photo with Graham after the brunch, up until 12:30. Gillebride MacMillan performs next at the Festival main site shortly after the panel completes. Douglas Gibson will be selling and signing his two books: Stories About Storytellers: Publishing Alice Munro, Robertson Davies, Alistair MacLeod, Pierre Trudeau And Others,  and Across Canada by Story: A Coast-to-Coast Literary Adventure after the panel concludes at noon.

No refunds. No exchanges. No exceptions.

About the Panel

Featured Guest Graham MacTavish is best known for his roles as Dougal Mackenzie in the series Outlander and as Dwalin in the The Hobbit trilogy of films, as well as in the new hit AMC show, Preacher, based on the cult comic series of the same name in which he plays The Saint of Killers.

Gillebrìde MacMillan is from the Milton in South Uist. He comes from a family with a strong Gaelic background. Gaelic is his first language and Gaelic songs and traditions were always an important part of family life. Gillebrìde stars as Gwyllyn the Bard in Starz Outlander where he regales those in Castle Leoch with traditional Gaelic songs and tales. ‘Air Fòrladh / On Leave’ is Gillebrìde’s second CD.

Douglas Gibson was born in Scotland & came to Canada in 1967. Mr. Gibson worked in Canadian book publishing for more than 40 years.  From 1986 to the present he has been in charge of Canada’s very first editorial imprint, Douglas Gibson Books. His new show is entitled “GREAT SCOTS: Canada’s Finest Fiction Writers With Links to Scotland, 1867 to Today”. Mr. Gibson performed the show in Guelph, Montreal, and Quebec City, with a Maritime Tour coming this Fall, and a Vancouver show booked for 2019.