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Online Camping Registration goes LIVE Tuesday, February 6th 2018 at 7:00 AM!


Set your alarm and get your coffee ready, because camping registration for the 73rd annual Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games is one week away! Our team has been working hard to get our online system up and running so that you can have a little piece of Scotland…without the airfare, all weekend long.

While you’re waiting to get your wee plot of land, we have put together a Top 5 list of our most frequently asked camping questions…



5.) Are there shower and washroom facilities nearby?

YES! It would get pretty ripe around here if we didn’t, eh? Shower and washroom facilities are available in the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex, Thursday through Monday – 6am to midnight.  Showers and toilet facilities are also available 24 hours a day in the camping area.


4.) Can I have a campfire on my campsite?

YES! But, we do ask that you don’t build a bonfire big enough to rival Guy Fawkes Night. Campfires are only permitted if there is no fire ban in effect. Only OFF GROUND campfires (i.e. elevated pits) are permitted on the Festival grounds.  Please bring your own pit or something to keep the fire above ground. Campers that do not comply with campfire requirements will be asked to leave the Festival and will not be issued a refund (cue ominous music…).


3.) Will there be firewood available for sale?

Another YES! Firewood will be available for sale on Festival grounds. You are NOT permitted to provide your own firewood. Why? Because moving firewood from your neck-of-the-woods to ours can introduce all kinds of little beasties and diseases that our wee plants and animals can’t handle. #saveourthistles


2.) Can I bring Rover, Blue, and Princess Ariel Jasmine III?

Ah, sadly, our first NO on the list Pets are not allowed on the Festival site, excluding service dogs of course. Pets are permitted on the campsites only. For more information, please see the Festival’s Pets Policy on our General Information page. As an aside, the top three dog names in Scotland in 2017 were Bella, Alfie, and Max. So there’s that.


And finally, the #1 frequently asked camping question…


1.) What should I bring?

Okay, here we go. In no particular order:

Kilt, Haggis, Umbrella, Raincoat, Hat, Sunscreen, Hammer for tent pegs, Pepto, Reusable Water Bottle  scratch that – buy one from us!, Sweater, Rainboots, Sandals… really, you just need to bring yourself, your family and friends, and a wicked good attitude! It’s gonna be a great festival!!!

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  • N MacDonald

    We have just returned from a 3 week trip to Scotland UK and LOVED it! We also just purchased a 25 ft RV. Is there any chance of getting a campsite ANYWHere for this festival (we don’t need hook ups of any kind).

    The MacDonalds in Brantford, Ont.

    • Lee

      That is so exciting!!! Congrats on a wonderful trip and the purchase of your RV; life changing, eh?
      Unfortunately, we sold out of campsites months ago for this year. Next year, keep an eye on our website as we typically release the sites at the beginning of the year.
      Here is a link to some accommodations in the area that you can contact:
      See you next weekend!

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