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Thank you to everyone who joined us at the 2017 Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games.

This year’s festival was truly amazing and featured fantastic events, terrific activities, tasty eats, incredible competitions, and an exceptional turnout of well over 16,000 people!

Thank Ye!

We want to extend a heart-filled thank you to all of our fabulous volunteers.

From signage, to site preparation, to coordination, to clean-up — our incredible volunteers did it all!

We couldn’t have done it without you.

Competition Results!

Congratulations to all of our talented participants. We had tremendous talent at this year’s games and we are excited to announce the results of our 2017 Competitions!





The 2017 Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games was a huge success and there was so much to enjoy. Here are a few of our favourite moments from this year’s event:

Wednesday Night Twilight at Templin with Albannach

Albannach at Templin Gardens- Fergus Scottish Festival 2017

Thursday Night Pipes, Plaid, and Pageantry Parade in Downtown Fergus

Parade & Pageantry- Fergus Scottish Festival 2017

Friday Night Tornadoes and Torrential Downpour

Tornados & Torrential Rain- Fergus Scottish Festival 2017

Heritage Tent

Heritage Tent- Fergus Scottish Festival 2017

Discovery Channel’s Andrew Younghusband and the Caber Toss

Discovery Channel’s Andrew Younghusband and the Caber Toss- Fergus Scottish Festival 2017

Highland Dance

Highland Dance- Fergus Scottish Festival 2017

Pipes and Drums

Pipes & Drums- Fergus Scottish Festival 1017

Celtic Traditions

Celtic Traditions- Fergus Scottish Festival 2017


Mckiddies- Fergus Scottish Festival 2017

2018 Here We Come!

2018- Fergus Scottish Festival

2017 is a wrap and, after a short break to catch our breath, we are now beginning our preparations for 2018! Stay tuned for details.

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