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New Year, New Look!

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This year we not only celebrate our 72nd year as the oldest, continuously-running (best!) Scottish Festival in Canada; we also celebrate 150 years of Scottish contribution to our country. Ever since John A. Macdonald realized his dream of the Canadian Confederation in 1867, Scottish culture has had a tremendous influence on Canadian politics, business, arts, education, and heritage. From our country’s inception to today, Scottish culture will always be an important and formative part of the Canadian experience.

Our Logo

That is why we have chosen to kick off 2017 with a contemporary new look. While we love our old logo and all that it has represented for over 15 years, we feel it’s time for a change! The Fergus Scottish Festival is no longer young, but our festival-goers sure are (if not in number, then at least they are at heart!). We want to present the amalgamation of Scottish and Canadian culture in a fresh and modern look that celebrates our heritage. The Canadian Maple Leaf sitting atop a Thistle respects the individuality of these two unique cultures, while emphasizing their mutual integration in each society. Our expert graphic designer, Stephen Cole, took this philosophy a step further, incorporating our new logo into all of our “four pillar” highland games events:

Our Website

So with the help of Steve and the talented folks at Intrigue Media, the 2017 Fergus Scottish Festival offers an exceptional user experience, filled with beautifully designed images and easy to access information. Keep checking back as we update the site with new content, programming, registration information, and newsletter subscription options.

Our Social Media

While you’re waiting, check us out on facebook and twitter! You can see what we’re up to, and find out what some of your favourite past performers are doing too. Let us know what you think, and share our info with your friends.


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