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If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that when we work together we all grow stronger.
That’s why the Fergus Scottish Festival is shouting loud and proud about our upcoming 2017 partnerships:

Together We’re Greening Up!!! Don’t forget to BYO(W)B:

Together We're Greening Up

We are incredibly excited to announce that municipal water will be provided free of charge at this year’s festival!

A successful partnership between our local festival groups and the Township of Centre Wellington has resulted in the purchase of a refurbished water cart for use at this year’s “major” festivals and events.

The new Quench Buggy water cart has:

  • four water bottle fillers
  • four drinking fountains
  • meets accessibility requirements
  • is on wheels and will hook directly into a municipal water spigot


Festival-goers will also have access to an indoor water bottle fill-up station!

The addition of refillable water stations throughout the festival grounds will reduce the amount of water bottle garbage. We are also intensifying our recycling efforts throughout the weekend to drastically decrease our environmental impact.

So please, Bring Your Own (WATER) Bottle to this year’s festival and help us “Green Up”!!!

And don’t worry…if you leave your bottle at home, you can have one of ours! We’ll have a limited supply of water bottles for sale on site! $10 each, while supplies last!

Read the Press Release here.


Together We’re Hosting Festival Faire:

Together We're Hosting Ashley MacIsaacIn collaboration with our neighbours, the Elora Festival and Singers, Riverfest Elora, the Wellington County Museum, Elora Centre for the Arts, and Elora and Fergus Tourism, the Fergus Scottish Festival is thrilled to announce a Canada 150th celebration showcasing all that this region has to offer!

Come out to the grounds of the Wellington County Museum on July 8th from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm for a FREE event with live performances, activities, displays, and food and drinks!

The Festival Faire will end with the incredibly talented, world-renowned fiddle player, piano player and step dancer, (and FSF alumnus) Ashley MacIsaac!!!

Read the Press Release here.



Together We’re Celebrating the 2017 Scottish North American Leadership Conference:

Together We're Celebrating Scottish North American Leadership Conference

This year, the Scottish North American Leadership Conference (SNAL) is happening in tandem with the Fergus Scottish Festival!

From August 10-12 at the University of Guelph, the 2017 SNAL is proud to host:


  • two members of the Scottish Government
  • multiple historians, speakers, panelists, and open discussions
  • beginner workshop on the Gaelic Language
  • a banquet which will include the presentation of and ode to the haggis as well as music
  • a shuttle bus ($20) to and from the Fergus Scottish Festival


This year’s focus will be on how we go about passing our history and heritage onto our youth, and how we engage them now to ensure the history and heritage are maintained.

The conference will wrap up by 11 am on Saturday morning so that we can all be at the Fergus Festival  in time for the Clan Parade and Opening Ceremonies!!!
Register for the 2017 SNAL here.


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