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The Fergus Scottish Festival is proud to host many Clan Societies who will help you understand the clan system and your clan in particular. If you are wearing Highland dress you are welcome to participate with your clan. Why not join the Clan Society?

Clan applications are open!

Please note our clan registration has changed. We will now be requiring all interested to apply first. Clan applications are open to those who wish to host a tent during the Fergus Scottish Festival. Once approved by our team you will be sent a link to complete the registration. See below for important information on Clan Registration and what it includes.

Clan registration ensures:

  • A tent, tables, and chairs on the Avenue of the Clans
  • Two weekend adult passes
  • Best Clan award
  • Clan recognition on the Festival website
  • Recognition of any Clan dignitaries during the Festival

Clan events during the weekend include:

  • Clan representation in the Thursday night downtown parade
  • The traditional Hearth Lightin’ ceremony on Friday night
  • The Parade of the Clans during the Welcoming Ceremony on Saturday
  • Participation in the Festival Passport program. Bring a Clan stamp for the kids!

Should you consider hosting a tent, we strongly urge you to stay over for Sunday when a more relaxed atmosphere allows time for discussion with visitors and meeting with other clan groups.

Once you complete your application:

  • Your application will be reviewed by our Clans & Heritage Committee
  • You will be sent an email including your confirmation/approval and a link to pay for your Clan registration.
  • Follow the link to pay and you're all set!

We are putting our Clan registration on our ticketing site like our other registrations and applications. 

If you would like to walk with your clan during programming, we recommend getting in touch with the clan tent organizer.

If there is no clan tent and you still wish to represent your clan, get in touch with our Clans & Heritage committee, [email protected]

Best Clan Trophy Winners


2022 Donnachaidh


2019 Gray


2018 Fraser


2017 Logan

Clan Dignitaries Attending

AF Kilt

Our Honoured Chieftain for 2023
Sir Adam Fergusson of Kilkerran, 10th Baronet

Following the death of his father, Sir Charles Fergusson, 9th Baronet, in March 2021, Sir Adam became the 10th Baronet, Chief of the name Fergusson. He was born in Scotland in 1962 and educated in Scotland and England. Following receipt of a degree from the University of Aberdeen, Sir Adam attended the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst and was commissioned into the Army Air Corps. He served for sixteen years as an officer and helicopter pilot with tours of duty in England, Northern Ireland, Germany, Bosnia and Scotland. On leaving the army in 2001 he lived in Scotland and gained an Air Transport Pilot’s Licence for aeroplanes and helicopters. He flew Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft for a British charter airline until 2013 after which he took up his present role flying air ambulance and police helicopters. Sir Adam is married with three children and two grandchildren.


Chief Steven Edward Dugald MacTavish of Dunardry

Steven Edward Dugald MacTavish was born in Montréal, Quebec, Canada on February 19, 1951. His parents were Stewart Edward Dugald MacTavish (26th Chief of Clan MacTavish) and Shirley Eileen Ferris of Halifax, Nova Scotia. In June of 2005, Steven MacTavish succeeded his father as the 27th Chief.

His work career includes extensive experience in the transportation and warehousing industries, and most recently, owning two franchised retail pet food stores.

Now retired, he has many and varied hobbies and he also spends time dabbling in documenting his maternal grandmother's family tree. As Chief of Clan MacTavish, he is proud and honoured to have the privilege to continue to serve his clan members and the members of Clan MacTavish are proud and honoured to have a 'working Chief '.

Performance Tent


The Performance Tent hosts a variety of musical artists and activities throughout the weekend.

From Gaelic lessons, to pipers, to Jacobite readings, and more! The Performance Tent is the place to be to see, hear, and learn all about Scottish culture, heritage and pageantry.

Societies at the Festival


Centre for Scottish Studies University of Guelph – College of Art


The Ontario Genealogical Society: Ontario Ancestors


Gaelic Society of Toronto


The St Andrew’s Society of Toronto


Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada


Scottish Studies Foundation

Outdoor Displays


Visit our outdoor displays area for a variety of wonderful demonstrations and displays!

Watch our Sheep Shearer demonstrations, learn about Blacksmithing and see it live, walk amongst the Jacobites in our Jacobite Encampment to see what those days were like, and don't forget to say hello to the Heilan Coos!

You'll be sure to see something incredible.

Craft Tent

Hundreds of thousands of Scots have emigrated to Canada since the late 18th century, seeking opportunities across the Atlantic. Settling throughout Canada, they brought with them many of the time honoured skills and crafts from the old country.

In our craft tent you can observe a number of the skills practiced by the women who had to experience the harsh environment of pioneers, but maintained skills learned from their ancestors.


FAQ & General Info

General questions about Festival weekend?
Visit our General Information and FAQ’s page!