Pipes & Drums

The Fergus Scottish Festival hosts its solo and band competition in conjunction with the Pipers and Pipe Band Society of Ontario and will showcase some of Ontario's best talent.

The Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games is proud to host over 20 Pipe bands playing all weekend long!

Sit back and enjoy the beautiful skirl of the pipes and heart-thumping beat of the drums as bands perform at the Friday night Tattoo’d in Tradition ceremony, and throughout the festival grounds from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Pipers and drummers will also be playing at the main gate to greet our visitors, setting the scene for an authentic Scottish experience.

Featured Pipe Band - MacIntosh Pipe Band from Larkspur California

The MacIntosh Pipe Band first competed in 1991, a decade after Janice Richey began teaching adult beginning pipers.

Since then the band has continued to grow and has traveled to Mexico, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Moab, Southern California, Nevada, and Scotland as well as to all games in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

The Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games marks the Macs’ first journey over our northern border!

Currently dual Pipe Majors Janice Richey and Annette Huddle, as well as Drum Sergeant Robert Cameron, run the 30 member band, which plays weddings, parades, flash mobs and anywhere else they are asked. The band is based in Larkspur in Marin County, just north of San Francisco, and practices twice a week. They have a close relationship with the San Jose School of Highland Dance and are often joined by dancers to highlight the talents and visual beauty of highland dancing. New members are always welcomed! Look for us at www.macintoshpipeband.org

Keep an eye out for these pipe bands who will be performing throughout the festival grounds!

Fergus Pipe Band


Founded in 1927, the Fergus Pipe Band has a long and proud history. Two founding members served with the Seaforth Highlanders, so the pipe band adopted the MacKenzie tartan worn by the Seaforth Highlanders.

For decades, the Fergus Pipe Band has enjoyed a solid reputation as a street band. The band has participated in parades both locally in Ontario and elsewhere, including Maple Leaf Gardens, Warrior’s Day at the C.N.E.,  Remembrance Day and Church Parades, and playing at a number of events throughout our communities: Oktoberfest parade, 2006 World Lacrosse Championship; opening act for Great Big Sea (2005) and much more.

Since 1932, the Fergus Pipe Band has been competing successfully in local competitions throughout Ontario. When the first Highland Games in Fergus were established in 1946, the band began its long history of being the ‘hometown’ band, playing at the Tattoo, at various events throughout the weekend and competing.

Grand Celtic Pipe Band


Officially débuting in 2000, the Grand Celtic Pipe Band of Fergus has been actively performing and competing at events across Ontario ever since.

The 2019 season has been a landmark year for us as we have dedicated our time to rebuilding and developing new players from the ground up.

Our goal is to create a fun, family-friendly atmosphere with a healthy dose of Celtic music and competition to keep things interesting!

The band also offers free musical instruction to those interested in learning to play pipes or drums. Members currently join us from Kitchener-Waterloo to Collingwood – and everywhere in between!

The Grand Celtic Pipe Band wears the Ancient MacDonald of Glenaladale.

Guelph Pipe Band

Guelph Pipe Band on Parade Kincardine 2019

Formed in 1922 ,the Guelph Pipe Band has been a staple of the Guelph community for almost 100 years. They perform at many annual community events such as the Guelph Santa Claus Parade, Remembrance Day services, CIBC Run for the Cure, and performances at Guelph Museums and John McCrae House.

The band has enjoyed much success and international acclaim over its lifetime and during the 1970s and 80s was one of the first Canadian pipe bands to compete against the top Scottish pipe bands at the World Pipe Band Championships in Scotland. They were one of the first top level competitive pipe bands to allow women in their ranks and they had the first non-scottish drum corps to win a major championship against other Scottish bands.

The band wears the McCrae tartan in honour of Colonel John McCrae who was born and raised in Guelph.

Beinn Gorm Pipe Band


This fun and dedicated group of hobby musicians are dedicated to the preservation and continuation of Scottish piping and drumming and to providing the community and area with a resource for a wide variety of public and private functions including the teaching of piping and drumming techniques to people of all ages.

The name of the band, Beinn Gorm, reflects the area surrounding Collingwood and welcomes members and interests from a large area. Beinn Gorm means “Blue Mountain” in Gaelic. The tartan chosen for the band carries on the “blue theme”.   The MacDonald of the Isles (Modern Hunting).

The band was established in 2000 and will be celebrating its 20th anniversary next year.

Forest Pipe Band


Starting in 1959 under PM Bruce Siddall, wearing the MacLachlan tartan, the Forest Legion Pipe Band has performed continuously throughout Southern Ontario and abroad, most notably tours of the United Kingdom and Europe as well as participation in the New York Tartan Day festivities.

Currently under the direction of PM Wayne Fisher and DS Rob Porchak.

Stratford Police Pipe Band


Members of the Stratford Police Pipes and Drums hail from Stratford, as well as neighbouring communities in Perth, Huron, and Waterloo Counties. The Band is a familiar attraction each year at fairs, parades and charitable events throughout Southwestern Ontario. The Band often marches with Royal Canadian Legion Branch 8 in Stratford, and Unit 261 of the Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans Association, and participates in the annual Ontario Police Memorial at Queens Park in Toronto.

Through the summer the Band plays a series of concerts for the residents of seniors and long term care residences in the area. One of the highlights of the Band’s playing season is the annual concert at the gala opening of the Stratford Festival.

Teeswater Pipe Band

MacDonald Ancient

The Teeswater Highlanders Pipe Band was established in 1961.  The current membership represents both Teeswater and the surrounding communities.

The band is led by Pipe Major Bruce MacDonald and Drum Sergeant Dave McDonald.      It is self-sponsored and has an active program of improvement and teaching of both piping and drumming for beginners and more advanced players.

The band wears the ‘Lord of the Isles Hunting tartan in ancient colours’.

The band reflects the Scottish roots of the area; it provides a forum for all who are interested to acquire the skills needed to join in and participate.  The repertoire includes both traditional and modern pipe band music. The band is pleased to be a part of many summer concerts, parades, fall fairs and other events in Teeswater and the surrounding communities.

Blackdown Cadets

The Blackdown Cadet Summer Training Centre is a training centre for Cadets Canada located in CFB Borden, Ontario.

The training centre includes training for the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, and Royal Canadian Sea Cadets since 2003.

Between band members and their supervisors we are pleased that over 100 representatives from the Blackdown Cadet Training Centre at Canadian Forces Base Borden Ontario will be joining us.

Saturday morning, the solo competitions are on!

In the afternoon, after the Opening Ceremonies, the Pipe Bands compete!

To find out more information about the Pipe, Drum and Pipe Band competitions, follow this link to the Pipers’ and Pipe Band Society of Ontario.

Saturday Competitions - Order of Play

  • Professional Piping
  • Grade 1 Piping
  • Grade 2 Piping
  • Grade 3 Piping
  • Grade 4 Piping
  • Grade 5 Piping
  • Practice Pad/Chanter Piping
  • Professional Piobaireachd
  • Senior Amateur Piobaireachd
  • Intermediate Amateur Piobaireachd
  • Junior Amateur Piobaireachd
  • Novice Piobaireachd
  • Professional Snare
  • Grade 1 Snare
  • Grade 2 Snare
  • Grade 3 Snare
  • Grade 4 Snare
  • Grade 5 Snare
  • Practice Pad/Chanter Snare
  • Professional Tenor
  • Grade 1 Tenor
  • Grade 2 Tenor
  • Grade 3 Tenor
  • Grade 4 Tenor
  • Grade 5 Tenor
  • Professional Bass
  • Amateur Bass
  • Novice Bass
  • Professional Drum Major
  • Amateur Drum Major
  • Grade 1 Set
  • Grade 2 Medley
  • Grade 3 Set
  • Grade 4 Medley
  • Grade 5 March Medley

The list of competitors grows every day. The Pipers’ and Pipe Band Society of Ontario  has the full list of competitors

Fergus Trophy Winners:

  • Professional Drummer – Cameron McKail
  • Professional Piper – Tyler Bridge
  • Amateur Drummer – James Kirkwood
  • Amateur Piper – Gavin Mackay
  • Under 19 Piper of the Day – Kayleigh Johnstone
  • Grade 2 Pipe Band – Hamilton Police Pipe Band
  • Grade 3 Pipe Band – Guelph Pipe Band
  • Grade 4 Pipe Band – 8 Wing RCAF Pipes and Drums
  • Grade 5 Pipe Band – Peel Regional Police Pipe Band

For full list of results  see the PPBSO website

Fergus Trophy Winners:

  • Professional Drummer – Iain Bell
  • Professional Piper – Tyler Bridge
  • Amateur Drummer – James Berry
  • Amateur Piper – Colin Johnstone
  • Under 19 Piper of the Day – Colin Johnstone
  • Grade 3 Pipe Band – Guelph Pipe Band
  • Grade 4 Pipe Band – Paris/Port Dover Pipe Band
  • Grade 5 Pipe Band – Paris/Port Dover Pipe Band

Fergus Trophy Winners:

  • Professional Piper: MacDonald, Ian K.
  • Professional Drummer: Haynes, Jeremy E.
  • Amateur Piper: MacKay, Gavin
  • Amateur Drummer: Orosz, Kenneth
  • Under 19 Piper of the Day: MacKay, Gavin