Tattoo'd In Tradition -
A Magical Evening

Come and join us for a wonderful evening beneath the stars as we host the Gathering of the Clans and the Lightin’ of the Hearth on our Main Field; a stunning start to an incredible weekend together! We are always excited for the communal singing of our National Anthem with our honoured guests and talented pipe and drum bands. Our Tattoo’d in Tradition ceremony honours the traditions of Scotland’s past and celebrates Scottish culture in Canada.

Have you ever wondered about the word tattoo? In the seventeenth century, when British troops served in Holland, it was the custom for a drummer to march through the streets beating his drum to warn the troops that it was time to leave the taverns and return to their billets for the night. Dutch innkeepers, at the sound of the drum, would “doe den tap toe” or ” turn off the taps”, the local equivalent of “Last Call”.

In English, “tap toe” became tattoo, and gradually, the drummer would be accompanied by a bugle player or a piper. Such groups were the beginnings of the regimental band. What started as a practical daily routine in army life is today the military tattoo, a show featuring the lively rhythm of marching bands, elegant dances, the stirring cadence of the pipes and drums, and breathtaking military displays.


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The Tartan Kiss

The Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games is honoured that David Leask wrote a song dedicated to our Festival and community. The song is entitled The Tartan Kiss. David has been a long time performer at the Festival. You will have the great fortune to witness a very memorable & special performance of this song at our tattoo. This performance was a collaboration from the talented David Leask along with the amazing choreography of Sandra Bald Jones and Dana Gamache of Sandra Bald Jones Dance Studio. LISTEN TO IT:



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