TEST Volunteer Training

Welcome to your volunteer training!

Please read all of the following materials carefully.

At the end you will be required to sign your name and email and hit 'Complete' to signify the completion of your virtual training.


Your Rights

  • Right to Know
    • You have the right to know of any hazards, etc.....
  • Right to Participate
    • You have the right to participate
  • Right to Refuse Unsafe Work
    • You have the right to refuse unsafe work


Download this poster here.

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Festival Risk Management Policy

The following are some excerpts from the Festival’s Risk Management Policy that may be helpful to you in an emergency situation.

Illness or Injury

  • Immediately notify St. John Ambulance using the radio channel 1. See Festival map for locations on site.

Lost/Found Persons, Threat of Violence, Intentional Threats

  • Immediately notify Security and OPP using radio channel 1. Radio contact should NOT indicate details but IMMEDIATE NEED to meet you at your location. Security and OPP will take it from that point.

Severe Weather

  • Security and OPP will be monitoring weather radar apps continuously. Act accordingly to the message being announced from the mainstage. Filter people into the Sportsplex.

Heat Emergency

  • If you are concerned someone is exhibiting the signs of heat stroke or exhaustion IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY ST. JOHNS AMBULANCE to meet at your location on radio channel 1.
Fergus scottish festival

Festival & Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

As a volunteer it's important for you to understand the expectations of your role. It is equally as important as the responsibilty the Festival holds to you!

Watch this short video on the roles & responsibilities you and the Festival hold together.

Volunteer Code of Ethics

  • To uphold the mission of the Festival, “To deliver a Festival dedicated to the preservation of the visual, musical, athletic and written heritage of Scotland and those Scottish people who made Upper Canada their home through a celebration of culture, history, competition and education.”
  • To act with professionalism, respect and integrity when dealing with any individual associated with or attending the Festival. I acknowledge I am an ambassador of the Festival.
  • To accept advice and direction from my Volunteer Chair.
  • To maintain professional conduct by discussing with my Volunteer Chair, not the paying public, any matter which is troubling me, or call to the Volunteer Chair’s attention, any issue which may appear to be operating to the Festival’s disadvantage.
  • To adhere to the policy of the Fergus Scottish Festival which is committed to the well-being of volunteers and supports an environment free from discrimination, harassment and free of substance abuse, with a strong emphasis placed on providing a safe and secure setting.
  • To treat my fellow volunteers with dignity and consideration.
  • To not use my Festival Volunteer status to obtain personal gain from those doing or seeking to do business with the Festival and to avoid all situations in which my personal interests conflict or might conflict with my duties to the Festival.
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Volunteer Lounge

The Volunteer Lounge is located inside the Sportsplex in _________, conveniently located close to washrooms and a water bottle filling station. There will be individually packaged snack foods and drinks available during your volunteer shift.

Lounge Hours
Friday 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 7:00pm
Sunday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Volunteer Lounge Hours

Volunteer Dress Code

Festival volunteer t-shirts are to be worn at ALL times when working. Please do not wear your t-shirt when you are not on shift. The T-shirt represents that you are an official representation of the Festival and you are there to assist the attendees. Volunteers are encouraged to please wear Highland garb.

Volunteer Parking

Free Volunteer parking is available at JD Hogarth Public School. Alternatively, there will be a shuttle bus running through downtown directly to the Festival that volunteers can use. We encourage you to use one of these parking options or to be dropped off at the site. If you require parking at the Sportsplex, there is a volunteer parking area, first come first served.

Thank you for completing the training! Please sign your name and email and hit 'Complete' to signify the completion of your training. We look forward to welcoming you this summer!


FAQ & General Info

General questions about Festival weekend?
Visit our General Information and FAQ’s page!